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Game overview

Talk to Me is a VN about a man who moves to a new town after his mother's death. The game explores themes of grief, mental health, and friendship.

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Meet Ordell, a young man in his mid-twenties who is trying to cope with the loss of his mother. He decides to move to a new town for a fresh start, but things aren't going as planned. His social life is limited to one true friend and a couple of friendly acquaintances, and he knows he needs to make an effort to connect with more people. Maybe today will be the day he takes that step.

Talk to Me is a thought-provoking Visual Novel that delves into the themes of grief, mental health, and friendship. It is designed for a mature audience of 18 years and above, and although there are suggestive situations, the game does not feature explicit images. Please note that the game can be challenging to play if you're dealing with depression or have recently experienced loss. There are trigger warnings displayed at the beginning of the game to help you decide if it's right for you.


- Talk to Me offers an immersive experience with no right or wrong choices, and therefore, no game overs. There's no true ending, so you can play the game multiple times and still explore new outcomes.
- With over 75,000 words, the game has a deeply engaging story with tough choices and consequences.
- The game has a diverse and engaging cast of characters that bring the story to life.
- The game offers up to 20 different endings, showing you how your choices have influenced Ordell's life.
- With 25+ background images and 10+ character graphics, the game is visually stunning.
- There are five characters to interact with, including four ladies and one gentleman, with each offering unique relationship paths that you can pursue.
Project Ensō
Release date
Oct 28, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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