Tales of Radiance

Tales of Radiance

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Game overview

Lead and grow your epic team of gods and heroes through adventures, trials, arenas, and PvP battles with real AFK auto-battle game mechanics.

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Are you ready to lead your heroes through exciting adventures, challenging trials, and fierce PvP arenas? This is your chance to establish a powerful and diverse team of gods and heroes and guide them to glory. Collect fat loot, unlock powerful gear, utilize game-changing skills – all the gameplay you need is here with no grinding or hassle.

Game Features:
*Auto-Battle for Effortless Progression*
With no need to grind endlessly, one tap is all it takes to earn rewards such as XP, gold, gear, and epic loot. Even when offline, this game feature will keep your team fighting and progressing!

*Extensive RPG-Style Hero Progression*
You have access to five elements and four unique classes to guide your epic team. Choose various strategies, for example by forging mighty Gear to bolster your strength or by rewarding your heroes with tailored Legendary Runes and Artifacts that make them unstoppable in battle!

*Cross-Server Multiplayer PvP Arena*
Join the battle against Blades from different servers, test your strategy and aim for victory. Champion titles, 5★ heroes, skins – epic rewards await!

*Unique Multi-Battle Adventures*
Choose from various elements, including Story Mode, Arena, The Babel, Arcadia, and Daily Trials and have the ability to take all these quests on with your AFK team on full-auto mode.

*Simple, Yet Deep Strategic Gameplay*
Ensure that your heroes work together as a team and engage in epic hero synergies, meta-countermeasures, combos and strategies. Take on the toughest teams in multiplayer PvP and adventure and emerge as the victor.

The story so far…
The Golden Age, when gods and mortals live side by side in harmony, is under attack as the demons run rampant. In an effort to restore balance, Zeus, Athena, Odin and other gods have summoned a destined hero back in time – you! Are you ready to save the day?

Core Mechanics
Tales of Radiance is an automatic idle RPG battle system with stunning graphics, deep character customization, and dynamically balanced metas. You can easily customize your heroes and enjoy fun, engaging events that elevate play from monotonous grinding to engaging gameplay.

For more information on how to play, be sure to check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Talesofradiance/ or get support via email at mobilesupport@r2games.com
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