Tales of Dragon - Fantasy RPG

Tales of Dragon - Fantasy RPG

X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.
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Game overview

Tales of Dragon: an MMORPG adventure with dragons. Explore, team up, slay, and uncover secrets with pets, weddings, social events, and fashion.

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Venture into the breathtaking world of Tales of Dragon, an MMORPG experience in a universe teeming with ferocious dragons. Traverse an expansive map, band together with fellow warriors, and take on these titanic beasts to uncover age-old mysteries. Become the stuff of legend, and earn the coveted title of dragon slayer.

【Join Forces for Epic Adventures】
Explore at leisure, and forge real-time combat camaraderie with your compatriots. Pool your resources to battle monsters, overcome nemeses, and cultivate friendships through thrilling dungeons and enjoyable activities.

【Cute Animal Companions】
Embark on a fantastical journey with your faithful, customizable animal companion by your side, delving deep into the magical realms.

【Romantic Weddings and Enchanting Vows】
Quest for true love and make an everlasting vow! Ride into the sunset on your majestic mounts, fight side by side in dungeons, capture splendid memories in photographs, and journey to the ends of the earth united.

【Warm Socializing and Family Community】
Take part in lively events, such as music festivals, hot springs, and dance parties, and revel in the welcoming and cordial environment of socializing with like-minded individuals.

【Fashion Extravaganza for Love-Struck Explorers】
Express yourself with a wide variety of styles, such as academy, sailor, and Lolita, and make your look pop with a one-of-a-kind, Taiwan-exclusive mount fashion, the pearl milk tea. Mix and match different outfit components to flaunt your exceptional style and embark on an adventure packed with adorable and delightful instances.
X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Release date
Jul 03, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

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