Tag After School Game

Tag After School Game

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Game overview

Tag After School is a horror school life simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. However, this game is packed with mature visuals displayed by ghost characters in it.

The story begins with a character named Shota-Kun, he is the main character that we will play in this game.

One day, the shy Shota-Kun is challenged by his schoolmates to explore a school that is said to have a ghost in the night. As a real man, Shota-Kun also accepts the challenge and this is where our adventure will begin.

We will play as Shota-Kun to explore the haunted school at night. Our task is to explore different areas of the school and interact with various characters.

Find a ghost in the school and unravel the mystery that lies behind it. After that, you will get a number of prizes, one of which is an adult scene which is definitely interesting to watch.

Tag After School Features :
- Complete Characters & Storylines, you will meet a number of characters as the game progresses and the storylines that are presented are also complete until the end.
- Exciting and Challenging Gameplay, presenting horror gameplay but still fun and challenging to play. For those of you who want to test your adrenaline, this game is worth a try.
- HD Graphics Quality, if the game is dotted then it certainly isn't interesting, but luckily the Tag After School game has presented HD graphic quality. So it's definitely pleasing to the eye.
- Simple controls, you don't need to bother learning mechanics or other controls in this game, because the controls available are quite simple and easy to understand.
- Many Ending Choices, in several chapters, you will be asked to make choices and each choice has an influence on the storyline. So depending on the choice you choose will be the ending of the game.
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Release date
Dec 29, 2022

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