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Experience 3D platforming adventure in Swordigo. Defeat monsters and find powerful weapons, spells, and hidden swords. Fluid touch controls and customizable gameplay.

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Get ready to run, leap, and cut through a vast gaming world filled with exciting platform challenges in this epic adventure game! Swordigo, the #1 mobile adventure and 3D platformer game, is now available on all Android phones and tablets.

Drawing inspiration from old-school platforming and adventure games, Swordigo is a game designed to deliver an immersive experience. “Swordigo is a game that reminds me of the classic platformers and adventure games from the past,” raves SlideToPlay with a perfect score of 4/4. Meanwhile, Apple’n’Apps awarded it a 4.5/5 rating, noting that “there’s never a dull moment as you hop between platforms and slash your sword against a plethora of enemies.” AppAdvice also gives Swordigo its seal of approval, declaring, “Honestly, if you only buy one game this week, you should choose Swordigo.”

The game’s adventure brings you across various magical realms, dungeons, towns, treasures, and cunning monsters. You rely on experience and leveling up your character, along with the power of magic and swords. Get your hands on powerful weapons, items, and spells to confront your enemies. And entering gloomy dungeons and caves leads you to discover hidden swords that will enhance your might.

This side-scrolling platform game features fluid and challenging gameplay that’s been exclusively designed for mobile devices. It has precise touch controls optimized for smartphones and tablets, and you can customize the controls to your preference. So why wait? Download Swordigo and immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure today!
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Feb 27, 2014
Single player




4f145d46s24f145d46s2from Skich app

the best android game to ever exist no 🧢 this game has one of the best story lines easy to adapt to controls mediocre graphics and amazing fighting styles it is filled with tones of secrets and over all a really really good game

KinneyKinneyfrom Skich app

Definitely recommended

Skich_User_8972Skich_User_8972from Skich app

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