Swordbreaker the Game

Swordbreaker the Game

Subbotinov Aleksandr Igorevich
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Game overview

Explore the mysterious castle filled with enemies and obstacles in this non-linear text adventure, with various endings and stunning artwork.

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As he traversed through the thick haze, our protagonist glimpsed a dim outline of a foreboding fortress. Eventually, he was led to its entrance by his old saturated map, armed only with his favored blade and remnants of his antiquated armor, featuring a unique sword-breaker mechanism. Taking in his surroundings, the hero advanced onto the bridge of the castle...

Immerse yourself in an enthralling text-based adventure, where an unexpected turn of events causes the protagonist to explore an abandoned castle. On his quest to uncover the treasure hidden within, he faces formidable foes and unravels mysterious puzzles. All this to yield a deserving reward in the end!

Our interactive fiction offers a rare opportunity to experience a personal narrative, where each player develops their own storyline by making impactful decisions. Every action influences how the tale progresses and ultimately concludes. Certain deeds may alter your character's destiny while others could lead you into the darkest recesses of the fortress, so tread carefully! A single step may mark the end of your journey.

Key features include:
- An intriguing non-linear narrative
- Multiple endings
- A large, enigmatic castle
- Numerous captivating locations and events
- Impressive adversaries and inhabitants of the fortress
- Awe-inspiring artwork
- An achievement system

Languages supported:
- Russian
- English

A text-based adventure that is akin to a game in book-form, only better!
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Subbotinov Aleksandr Igorevich
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Single player
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