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Swamp Defense 2

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Swamp Defense 2: Classic tower defense game with unique weapons and monsters on 60+ maps. Improve towers, buy new weapons, and defeat swamp monsters.

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Swamp Defense 2 is a tower defense game designed for both beginners and expert defenders. Surrounded by an array of unique monsters, this classic game features a huge selection of gun turrets that are designed in the form of comic heroes and supported by mines, air support, and block walls on over 60 maps. Players can earn coins to upgrade their weapons and buy new towers by utilizing the integrated shop system.

Behind this thrilling game lies a fascinating storyline. A once peaceful village has been transformed into a monster's playground due to the actions of a strange professor who attempted to build the Arcade Klonomat - a machine that was meant to clone cows and increase milk production. However, he discovered that cloning cows was impossible due to the milk's high protein content. It led to the professor secretly sinking the Arcade Klonomat in a nearby swamp. Thus, the toxic fumes from the waste increase the number of monsters that now haunt and inflict havoc in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, villagers were unaware that the professor's experiments in the swamp were the root cause of their plight. Instead, the professor tried to make things worse by building another Arcade Klonomat and this time demanded money for its use. With no other support, the villagers were forced to clone themselves to form an army that could counter the swamp monsters.

Your task is to eliminate the evil breed and fight against the monster attack in the swamp. Swamp Defense 2 has a shop system that allows players to buy and improve towers and unlock special weapons. The shop has nine defense towers that can easily be upgraded twice within a battle, support towers, special attacks and elements that can be placed along with the pathway. Swamp Defense 2 has unique opponents and 54 unlockable maps with an extra nine bonus maps. The game offers tower control that allows players to control the direction and aim of the tower and power-ups that improve each tower's damage, rate of fire, and range. Items, such as mines, adhesive cream fences and block walls, can be placed along the path to support players' efforts. Supporters, including fire power expansion and range expansion, can be activated, and global help features, such as the area bomb, atomic bomb and air support, are also available.

The game can be saved on G+ and can be played on multiple devices. If you have any issues, you can contact the support team for assistance. Get ready to take on the Swamp Monsters in this epic tower defense battle!
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