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Survive and thrive on a misty island by balancing resources and building, rescuing and assigning survivors, and defending against danger.

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Get ready to experience a simple yet challenging game of survival. Build up your island by crafting primitive tools to keep your survivors alive and develop your own territory. The key is to keep your inhabitants from starving and ensuring the bonfire burns to dispel the fog, preventing sickness from spreading. Nighttime can be dangerous, so make sure to work hard during the day to fix the ship and get out of this strange place.

Enter the world of a party of adventurers who were washed ashore on a misty island by a great wave. The island is full of dangerous and strange flora and fauna, but they discovered a dilapidated ship, which they use as their base camp. Their goal: gather more survivors to work together to repair the ship and leave this weird place.

This unique game offers a combination of SIM and survival elements, challenging players to balance resources while developing their island. Rescue survivors and assign them to various tasks, build towers and train soldiers, and defend against danger. Your creativity is essential as you have free placements to plan your home and can explore the map and challenge different living environments.

With simple, easy graphics presented in a 3D style, players get to enjoy the game's idle and offline modes. If you love strategy and survival games, this game is perfect for you! Play and enjoy this brand new survival simulation game now!
Release date
Apr 25, 2023
Single player



Remind me Northgard. But prefer strategy games

pandochchkapandochchkafrom Skich app

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