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Lead and survive in an action-packed blend of strategy, shooting, and RPG elements against hordes of relentless zombies in Survival Tactics.

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Welcome to the depths of hell, Commander. Your sole purpose is to survive and lead your team towards a brighter future.
The spread of the zombie virus has resulted in mankind's descent into madness. Life, as we knew it, is no longer an option. It's all about survival now. Embrace your true self, and master your Survival Tactics.

Immerse yourself in an action-packed blend of strategy, RPG, and shooting elements in Survival Tactics, a mobile game that will take you to the very heart of a zombie apocalypse.

🎖️ Take the lead as a tactical commander
Remember, zombies are not the only threat out there. You'll have to take command of the battlefield and lead your team of survivors towards total dominance in this post-apocalyptic wasteland. Employ your strategic brilliance as you gear up for battles, fortify your shelters, defend your strongholds, and conquer all challenges to ensure the survival of your people.

🔫 Unleash a deadly arsenal of weapons
"Words can save you from other outposts, but for zombies, you need bullets". Truer words have never been said. Take charge of your survival and arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons, ranging from assault rifles and shotguns to sniper rifles and explosive devices. Upgrade and customize your arsenal to unleash devastating firepower, and watch as you rain down destruction upon zombie hordes in an exhilarating shooter.

🧟‍♂️ Master the art of zombie elimination
Command your squad of survivors and engage in heart-pumping 5v5 battles against hordes of relentless zombies. Utilize your tactical prowess to outmaneuver and obliterate zombie threats, and liberate the outposts from their undead presence.

🤝 Form unforgettable alliances
Survival is a collective endeavor, and no one can make it alone. Team up with fellow survivors to establish an unbreakable alliance, built on cooperation and strategic coordination. Forge a robust coalition that can take on the undead, curtail the zombie apocalypse, and reclaim control of the post-apocalyptic world.

💥 Real-time PvP warfare
Engage in direct, real-time PvP combat, and conquer resources and territorial control. Raid enemy fortifications, and expand your settlement in a captivating bid for survival in the zombie apocalypse.

🌏 Post-Apocalyptic World
Immerse yourself in a captivating RPG world, teeming with danger, uncertainty, and the relentless undead horde. Go to war, traverse desolate cities, scavenge necessary supplies, and engage in intense PvP battles to survive against all odds.

🎯 Key Features:
- Three Game Modes: Establish and coordinate strategic stronghold management, Survive the onslaught of waves in the survivor zombie shooter arena, and engage in intense 5v5 Turn-Based Team Battles.
- Customizable Arsenal: Equip yourself with an army of upgradeable weapons, ranging from assault rifles to sniper rifles.
- Upgrade Survivors: Maximize your team's potential by upgrading and customizing your heroes to become unstoppable zombie-slaying machines.
- Unstoppable Alliances: Form the most remarkable alliances with fellow survivors, and overcome the zombie apocalypse to dictate the wasteland's control.
- Gripping Post-Apocalyptic RPG World: Explore a barren world filled with danger, uncertainty, and the unyielding undead hordes.

Download Survival Tactics today, and rise to become the ultimate zombie apocalypse survivor! Unleash your strategy and shooting skills, lead your squad to victory, and emerge as the most skilled survivor of them all!

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Release date
Aug 22, 2023

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