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Battle Royale meets MOBA in Survival Heroes. New weapons, skins, and avatar frames in March update. Fight 99 players and loot for a chance at victory.

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Prepare yourself for the latest version of Survival Heroes, which is set to launch in March! Experience new additions such as a weather system and teleportation in a brand-new map, while utilizing 2 new weapons to combat never-before-seen monsters. Showcase your skills with 7 new skins and 4 fresh avatar frames! Team up with your friends, raid treasure chests, and vanquish all foes in your path to become the last hero standing amongst 99 other real players!

Survival Heroes has fused MOBA and Battle Royale gameplay to create an incomparable experience! With traditional MOBA controls, each player will begin on equal footing. Obtain your first weapon and engage in a fair fight against other players. Explore a perilous land brimming with treasures and creatures! Beware of the bushes and mist as they may conceal danger.

Unlike other games, in Survival Heroes you get to choose to spawn in your preferred location, be it a hot and dangerous area or someplace safe. Choose carefully, as you only get one chance at life per round!

There is no need to purchase gear for your hero because, in Survival Heroes, only your luck and skill matter. To be a genuine survivalist, you must improvise by selecting the appropriate equipment at just the right time. With nearly 30 diverse weapons and several items, Survival Heroes grants players a host of abilities to customize their hero. Should you prefer the stealthy approach, plant traps, or lay low in the brush until an enemy steps in your trap. Alternatively, if you prefer a more aggressive approach, utilize fierce firepower to quash all in your path.

Survival Heroes is more than just a MOBA – it is a Battle Royale MOBA hybrid game. Please note that an internet connection is required for uninterrupted gameplay. We suggest Android 4.0 or higher and at least 2GB of RAM for the best gaming performance. Survival Heroes is an ever-evolving game, and we are continuously enhancing existing features and adding new ones. Join the discussion on our official Facebook page, Survival Heroes Official Facebook Page ( if you enjoy the game. Please contact our customer service at with any concerns or queries you may have.
Release date
Oct 10, 2018