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Survival Fort

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Survive in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Build your base, engage in epic battles, and fight for honor against monsters and enemy clans.

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In the aftermath of a virus outbreak, the world is overrun with zombies. Turning to the few remaining survivors, you'll lead the charge against the apocalyptic chaos. Establishing your own base in an abandoned factory, you'll set out to upgrade and fortify your defenses while also exploring the surrounding wasteland for precious resources. Using your newfound strength, you'll fight back against the horrors of this new world, ranging from terrifying monsters to vicious enemy warlords, all while making alliances with other survivors seeking a chance at claiming the title of the King of Survivors.

Construct Your Fortress
- Design your own base, from barracks to power stations, coal mines and garages.
- Explore the harsh wasteland in search of resources needed to fortify and upgrade your base.
- Recruit new survivors and bring them to your base to join your ranks, procreate, and help out with tasks and battles.

Engage in Epic Battles
- Lead your team into battle, including a diverse range of characters such as a fearless samurai, a seductive nurse, a seasoned cop, and a gunslinger cowboy.
- Train your troops so they can become a stronger fighting unit, create armored and motorbike units to annihilate your enemies.
- Engage in epic fights with bloodthirsty monsters and cunning enemy clans as you explore the apocalyptic wasteland.

Fight for Glory
- Join forces with other players who share your goal and form Alliances, going up against the terrors of the wasteland together.
- Compete with rival clans, competing for resources and seeking vengeance against those who prey on weaker survivors.
- Enter dramatic battles of honor to claim land, resources, and the title of champion of the wasteland.

Captain, prepare yourself, for the fight to survive has just begun.


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