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Survival Crisis is a competitive survival RPG game with endless zombie monsters, requiring players to establish shelters&guilds, explore wilderness, and upgrade equipment to challenge stronger zombies.

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In a post-apocalyptic world, hordes of zombies are bound to overrun the land, making survival a constant struggle for those who manage to stay alive. In order to thrive and increase their chances of making it to the next day, survivors have to repeatedly fortify themselves and obtain more powerful weapons.

Set in the barren Doomsday Wasteland, Survival Crisis is a competitive survival RPG game where players must fight against tremendously powerful adversaries for scarce resources within a limited timeframe.

While navigating through this survival game, you will be confronted with endless packs of zombie monsters. Your only chance of survival lies in enabling human civilization to weather the cold and harsh conditions of this new reality. You will also encounter a variety of heroes during your journey - bring them on board to bolster your defensive and combat capabilities. With time running out, are you ready to face the challenge?

Survival is all about securing a hidden spot to establish your base of operations. In this first critical step, you will have to operate, transform and upgrade it to create a better hub for survivors and rescue as many people as possible, while also being able to stave off zombie attacks with combined forces.

Scouring the wilderness to stock up on supplies is an essential maneuver that cannot be overlooked. Leave the safety of your base behind, gear yourself up with powerful weapons, establish resource points and bolster your defenses.

Man is not meant to thrive in solitude. Along your journey, you will come across like-minded individuals. Join forces with them to experience the camaraderie that comes with overcoming obstacles together, as you dive head-on into the PvE style of gameplay. You are not alone - stay together and emerge victorious.

With the help of a simple axe, survival chances are slim to none. To derive any semblance of victory, continue upgrading your equipment to take on stronger zombies, complete quests and increase your chances of securing survival-sustaining resources.

The key to forming an unbeatable army is recruitment. Winning battles against the zombie hoards is tough and demands partnering up with a slew of brave heroes. Over time, these heroes will gain skills and proficiency -  a significant asset that ultimately turns the tides in your favor.
Release date
Dec 15, 2022

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