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Superpower Squad - The One is an epic PvP MOBA with diversified multiplayer competition, multiple game modes, real-time battles, and over 50 unique heroes to choose from.

Step into the world of Superpower Squad - The One, the ultimate PvP MOBA that offers a perfect blend of Shooting and Casual RPG. Get your adrenaline pumping with a variety of competitive modes and multiple game challenges that will test your skills and push you to your limits. Immerse yourself in an exciting world of strategic strikes and innovative tactics. Take advantage of destructible terrain, use bunkers to ambush enemies or burn grass with flamethrowers to reveal hidden foes. But remember, weather conditions can counter your strategies, so make sure to stay sharp and on your toes. Choose from over 50 heroes, each with their own unique fighting skills and talents, to compete in different modes like regular PVP battle royale or Gem battle. In the latter mode, your team of five players must compete with others to collect more Gems within a set time. The team with the highest number of Gems at the end of the match emerges victoriously. In addition to its diverse multiplayer competition, Superpower Squad - The One also features a stunning bird's-eye view that may limit your perception of the area but keeps the excitement levels high. With all environmental factors available for destruction, players have the freedom to explore and take full advantage of the terrain to outwit and eliminate their opponents. Whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical operation display system, Superpower Squad - The One has it all. With launch in many regions across the world, this mobile game lets you duel with players from all corners of the world. So, grab your favorite weapon, hone your skills and join this epic and addictive game that promises to make your free time exciting and unforgettable! Download now and support us on the Superpower Squad Facebook Page, where you can share your feedback, ideas, and suggestions with us. Remember, this is just the beginning, and we are constantly optimizing the game and adding new features to make it the best Battle Royale Mobile Game out there.
Release date
Jul 01, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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