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Swipe, jump, and survive in Super Glitch Dash's trippy, beat-driven obstacle courses with stunning visuals and easy controls.

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Get ready to challenge your reflexes and immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure with the much-anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Game of the Day” by Apple, Super Glitch Dash. This game takes everything you loved about the original and amps it up to an eleven, giving you an experience that is truly “super.”

Experience jaw-dropping visuals that will immerse you in a world of trippy landscapes, all pulsating to the rhythm-driven gameplay. Navigate insane obstacle courses filled with axes, hammers, lasers, meat grinders, and spikes, all while swiping your way past them with lightning-fast reflexes. You'll flip upside-down, grind rails, and scream through all-new indoor environments as the worlds of Super Glitch Dash unfold.

Surviving has never been so much fun! Super Glitch Dash offers a challenging and impossible runner experience that you're sure to love. With simple swipe controls, unpredictable courses that zoom past you in first-person, and cutting-edge graphics that take full advantage of powerful devices, this game offers an epic beat-driven experience that grooves to a thumping soundtrack.

Challenge yourself to make a Perfect Run and grab every collectible for the ultimate bragging rights. Play today and test your skills!

If you're already a fan of Hexaflip or David Marquardt’s games, you'll definitely enjoy Super Glitch Dash. For more information, don't hesitate to check out the developer's social media pages or website.

Get ready for an impossible runner experience that's truly “super." Download Super Glitch Dash now and get in on the action!
Rogue Games
Release date
Aug 04, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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