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Super Crossbar Challenge

Super Crossbar Challenge


Game overview

Swipe to hit crossbar, do volleys and bicycles to earn coins and fans. Unlock 50+ ball designs and 30+ characters. 15 countries, 3 goals each.

Game description generated withAI

Super Crossbar Challenge is an innovative arcade sports game that was inspired by the renowned challenge that footballers and fans enjoy alike. The aim of the game is to hit the crossbar, and at first glance, it may seem like a piece of cake.

To play, you swipe your finger to the right to shoot the ball towards the crossbar. The trajectory and velocity of your shot would depend on the angle and force you apply while swiping. Once you find the sweet spot, be sure to take note of it. Additionally, you can perform bicycle kicks and volleys to earn more coins and fans. During arcade mode, specific in-game goals would require you to do multiple bicycle and volley kicks to hit the crossbar.

Accumulate coins and unlock new characters and balls, several with unique bonuses to improve your gameplay. Furthermore, the game has several features that enhance the user experience, such as simple one-finger controls and multiple modes for rewards. The arcade mode contains 15 countries, each with three progressively more challenging goals, with the chance to unlock more countries as you earn more fans.

You can also earn rewards by playing the game's three cup modes. Moreover, while unlocking over 50+ ball designs and 30+ characters, certain balls have special features that assist you in the game.

Super Crossbar Challenge is a game that guarantees exciting gameplay with special one-finger controls, addicting real-life football crossbar challenges, 15 countries with three progressively more challenging goals, over 50 ball designs, and 30+ characters with special bonuses.

Download Super Crossbar Challenge, claim your rewards, and rise to the challenge in this exhilarating game of hitting the crossbar. Check out their social media pages for updates and other information on the game.
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