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Sunny Fairy

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Control a fairy protagonist on a journey to save friends and solve island crisis in a beautiful, language-free RPG with four unique endings.

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Get ready to embark on an epic journey with a charming fairy in this captivating RPG that has a delightful storyline. Unleash your adventurous spirit and explore the diverse maps while overcoming battles and driving the plot forward. The game functions entirely without text, allowing you to plunge into the enchanting world with your imagination running wild!

When it comes to map controls, you can move your fairy protagonist to any location by simply tapping on it. If you want to survey the location, tap on it once again to search the area. Talking to other characters is as easy as tapping on their avatar and moving to their position.

In terms of battling, there's no need to worry about attack or defense as it's taken care of by AI. The support function, on the other hand, is controlled by the player, and you can switch your gear or recover instantly by tapping the button.

The story is divided into four fascinating scenarios, which can transform depending on the actions you take as the protagonist. Would you like to rescue your childhood buddy and begin a grand adventure around the island? Or would you prefer to confront an impending disaster that requires you to travel around different parts of the island? Alternatively, you might want to go for END 3, in which you help everyone out and cultivate a bright future. Finally, there's END 4, which is only for the most dedicated players.

If you're looking for additional features, then the paid function is perfect for you. With "New Game+," you can begin anew and retain the experience from your previous save. Furthermore, you'll need "Scenario Timer Display" to clear END 3 and END 4. Lastly, "Double Experience" can be extremely helpful if you want to wrap up the game quickly or are having difficulty doing so.

By logging in to Google Play Game Services, you can compare your completion time for each ending with others, thus making the game even more engaging. For more information, visit and immerse yourself in the incredible gaming experience!
Master Q Project
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