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Experience the emotional summer story of "Summer Pockets: REFLECTION BLUE" with new heroines and storyline on your smartphone.

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REFLECTION BLUE," which added a new route and heroine to the PC game "Summer Pockets" and caused a sensation with its tear-jerking story in the summer of 2018, is now available as a smartphone app. Experience more emotions as you carry "Summer Pockets" with you in your pocket!

The sub-heroines, Mikuri Nomura and Shizuka Mizukori, who previously only appeared as support characters, have been upgraded to heroines that players can pursue, and a new route featuring Umi Kato has been added. With the introduction of new heroine Shiki Kamizan, the story gains even greater depth and emotion.

"Summer Pockets," a touching story that established itself as a cry-worthy game genre, was created by Key and carries both a sense of nostalgia and modernity. Since its PC release, it has received many accolades such as "made me cry with nostalgia," "moved me," and "I want to spend a summer vacation like this," resonating with players worldwide.

"Summer Pockets" tells the story of a summer vacation, where all memories from childhood are precious and something that everyone wants to keep safe. In the island surrounded by the ocean and rich in nature, adults remember their childhood, while children experience something new, realizing that this is the sort of time they wish they could have.

The protagonist, Hayuri Takahara, arrives at Torishima Island alone during summer vacation to arrange the belongings of his late grandmother. When he gets off the boat, he meets a girl who is watching the horizon, where the sea and sky meet, while the sea breeze plays with her hair. Before he knows it, the girl has disappeared somewhere, leaving Hayuri with a feeling like he was taken away by a fox. At the house, his auntie already resides, sorting through the grandmother's belongings. Regardless of feeling out of place with the island's life, Takahara helps with the arrangements of his grandmother’s possessions, experiencing unknown nature encounters, along with forgotten nostalgic memories, sparking a hope of wanting this summer vacation to never end.

"Summer Pockets" has won numerous awards such as the June 2018 Moe Game Awards title of the month, the number one best-seller rank for 12 consecutive weeks on Amazon's PC game sales ranking (excluding sold-out times), and the 2018 Amazon Grand Prix 20th place for PC Softwares. Additionally, for DMM Games Adventure (all-age category) ranking, it's been continuous for 16 weeks at the number one spot. Furthermore, this game won the 2018 Moe Game Awards grand prize and user prize.

Please note that the mini-games (table tennis game and island monster fight) are not included in this app. You need more than 3.3GB of free space to download additional game data.
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