GamesSugar Rush - A Quick Adventure

Game overview

Create, play, and share levels in Sugar Rush, a colorful adventure game. Crush candies, and challenge friends and players worldwide. Free to play.

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Be the mastermind of your own adventure with Sugar Rush - a game that promises to take you on a thrilling journey like never before. Immerse yourself in a vibrant and magical world, filled with challenges and foes that'll test your skills to the limit.

As the protagonist, your speed is your most potent weapon, which you can use to navigate intricate levels while collecting treasures and unlocking new obstacles that will push you to your limits.

Unleash your inner creativity with the game's intuitive level editor; design intricate levels and craft devious traps to challenge and amaze players worldwide. Show off your skills by playing your custom levels and proving your mastery of speed by collecting stars.

With hundreds of puzzle challenges and varying difficulty levels, Sugar Rush guarantees to keep your mind sharp. Crush candies and stay fueled with the energy to keep going in the forest while exploring a stunning, colorful, and elegant natural world.

Expect nothing but smooth gameplay graphics and effects that allow for awe-inspiring natural experiences on all devices. In addition to the game's unique features, it is 100% free to play so everyone can enjoy everything the game has to offer

Join the creative gaming revolution and let Sugar Rush take you on a journey of maze-building adventure like never before. With an ever-expanding library of player-generated levels, you can experiment with different challenges and obstacles, making each experience unique. So why wait - download Sugar Rush now and discover the limitless possibilities of gaming!

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Release date
May 25, 2021
Single player