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Game overview

Realistic train simulation game with multiplayer support, accurate line, functional controls, immersive graphics/sound design, AI traffic, and ranking system. Perfect for train enthusiasts!

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Experience the thrill of driving a real train anywhere and anytime you want with Subtransit Drive. This game will let you operate a vehicle with fully simulated internal systems and realistic graphics in a true-to-life environment. You can now learn operating procedures and manoeuvre the train either alone or with your friends in multiplayer mode.

This game showcases an accurate underground train line complete with functional controls, AI traffic, a ranking system, and an adaptive assistance system. Control the train yourself and configure your journey with your desired time, train type, line congestion, and starting location. With the assistance system, beginners can easily use the game while experts can put their skills and experience to the test in tough conditions.

Subtransit Drive offers a chance to explore the hidden world of underground trains. Experience the unique and challenging aspect of driving a train during rush hour, where you need to maintain the shortest possible interval between other trains. The driving dynamics are extremely realistic and it presents even the tiniest aspects of the train鈥檚 handling. With external input devices and adjustable layouts, it provides an immersive experience.

The game also features a true-to-life sound design, providing a realistic train driving experience. You can discover detailed and responsive systems such as signaling, radio communication and power distribution. These systems respond to changes in line operation and affect driving dynamics. You need to pay particular attention to tunnel signs and automated switches and speed limit zones.

Compatible with a wide range of iPhone and iPad devices, this game is perfect for train enthusiasts, gamers, and anyone who loves striking graphics, true-to-life simulations, and a thrilling gaming experience. Note that an internet connection is required for some game features.

Subtransit Drive will introduce you to the fascinating world of underground trains, and you will experience the most realistic and exciting journey ever!
Release date
Dec 30, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Subtransit In-Game TeaserSubtransit Game
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