Subnet: Escape Room Adventure

Subnet: Escape Room Adventure

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Game overview

Escape the subway chaos caused by drkFORCE in SUBNET - Escape Room Adventure. Solve puzzles, decode clues and track down the hackers.

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Enter into an exhilarating escape room challenge where you must put a stop to drkFORCE's subway hack. Utilize your keen detective skills to solve the mind-bending puzzle and race against time in the midst of the bustling city. A new band of hackers has infiltrated the subway system, causing pandemonium and confusion, but with your expertise, you're up for the challenge to apprehend the culprits and reveal their objective.

As an IT mastermind and frequent subway commuter, you possess a unique perspective of the situation at hand. With the assistance of an AI assistant, you'll receive real-time updates and information that will help you uncover the mystery. Navigate through the underground tunnels, decode cryptic clues and piece together the fragmented puzzle, all while ensuring that you stay one stride ahead of the drkFORCE hackers.

Prepare for the ultimate adventure, where the destiny of the city relies heavily upon your actions. Are you ready to fight back and put an end to the drkFORCE's troublesome streak? Get ready for a thrill of a lifetime, as you venture forth into a gripping escape room challenge!


Delve into an exciting odyssey as you traverse through an indoor and outdoor 3D world, where every twist and turn is teeming with perplexing puzzles and unusual secrets waiting to be unearthed. Make use of your sharp wits and resourcefulness by collecting and utilizing an extensive collection of objects to help you in your escape.

Lose yourself in an aesthetically pleasing environment, complete with breathtaking 3D graphics and an immersive atmosphere. Savor the adrenaline-fueled soundtrack and effects as you're pulled deeper into the escape experience, adding to the tension and thrill throughout.

Keep the excitement going with a fully comprehensive save system equipped with multiple load slots, meaning you can tailor every aspect of your journey to suit your every preference.


If you find yourself at a standstill while playing SUBNET - Escape Room Adventure, have no fear! Simply get in touch with me, either via email or social media (take a look at the links on my website), and I'll be more than happy to offer helpful clues or suggestions.
M9 Creative LTD
Release date
Feb 16, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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