Strategy&Tactics 2: WWII

Strategy&Tactics 2: WWII

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Game overview

Offline grand strategy game set in WW2 with a variety of scenarios, national leaders and talents, and a deep strategic component that includes science and technology.

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Enter the battlefield once again with the latest addition to the highly acclaimed turn-based military game, Strategy and Tactics: WW2! This mobile game enables offline play, without the need for an internet connection. Strategy and Tactics: WW2 is reminiscent of the classic PC strategy games set during World War 2. With the best 4X PC games as its model, you have the option to lead any nation, from a small state to a superpower, by using a combination of your military force, economy, science, and even diplomacy - a first in the series! You may create alliances, deploy troops and resources to your allies, or even instigate conflict among your neighbors while making sure not to double-cross them. Capturing the enemy's land is just one of the various ways to win in Strategy and Tactics: WW2. Invincibility can be achieved by merely breaking down their fighting spirit. As a military commander, you have to direct an army of tanks, infantry, aircraft, warships and artillery towards victory. And, as the head of state, you will have to choose your country's future leaders carefully, knowing that each brings their unique set of strengths to the mix that could affect your tactics heavily. Strategy and Tactics: WW2 offers diverse and exciting gameplay options. Partake in hardcore grand strategy by completing objectives, or enjoy a risk-free sandbox game experience at your own pace.

The game features an offline mode for the players to enjoy the game without an internet connection. With its detailed maps, you can choose to fight out conflicts in Europe or Asia by picking from several dozen nations. The game has many conflict scenarios and risks and advantages, all based on historical grand strategy. Random and scripted events are included in the game that provides an immersive experience, allowing every playthrough to be unique. Don't take it lightly; the game poses a significant strategic challenge. You can readily conquer when playing as Britain, but try it as Portugal or Austria! You need to apply your wit to offset risks and complement your army's strength with economy, science, and diplomacy to achieve supremacy. Each state has its abilities, and there are dozens of historical figures to choose from to use their unique bonuses. The game has eight different branches of scientific research, and each nation has its unique set of passive abilities. Throughout the game, you have to invest in different strategies to achieve your goals. Finally, the player can play in a sandbox mode, making it perfect for those who like to inhabit different historical eras or rewrite any famous historical events.

Strap in for a detailed and immersive game experience with Strategy and Tactics: WW2, a mobile game inspired by various gaming categories, including grand strategy, 4X, and turn-based strategy games. Similar to other military games like HOI4, Men of War, and Age of History, the game offers exciting opportunities for offline gaming that does not require an internet connection.
Release date
Jun 29, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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