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Strangers Awaken: 5v5 strategy magic MOBA game. Battle through 3 zones to defeat the enemy dragon and win. Choose from 6 magic classes and 10 unique heroes.

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Strangers Awaken is an action-packed, strategy-based MOBA game that requires teamwork and intelligence. A thrilling 5v5 combat ensues, where the ultimate goal is to destroy your enemy's dragon and claim victory in just 10-15 minutes.

To emerge victorious, you must master a variety of spells, weapons, and heroes. With over 200 unique spells, shields, critical attacks, and team abilities, choose from light, lightning, earth, fire, ice, and darkness magic to weave your way to success.

In Strangers Awaken, there are three distinct battle zones connected by portals. In each zone, different types of magic and monsters await: the top zone houses light and lightning classes, the middle zone has earth and fire classes, while the bottom zone has ice and darkness classes. So, travel between zones and create your magical arsenal.

You will also need to defeat your enemy's dragon to win the game, but be careful not to let them defeat yours. With ten unique hero classes, each with 16 levels and 15 different stats, upgrade your heroes to improve your chances of winning or fuse them together to create a powerful character. Additionally, as you level up your hero, you will unlock more equipment items to customize your playstyle.

After winning a battle, your team members receive rewards, based on their performance. Build a strong hero, exceed expectations, and top the scoreboard, as skills will be the ultimate factor to win.

Strangers Awaken offers an offline mode for players after account registration. Connect with other players or voice your opinions and improvements on Discord, Facebook, and Twitter. For more information, visit YouTube, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.
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Jul 11, 2023



Low fps, low quality

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