Storm of Darkness

Storm of Darkness

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Save the sky citadel of Meredith from the Scythes in Storm of Darkness, a sci-fi FPS with exciting weapons, allies, and stunning graphics.

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The once impenetrable sky citadel of Meredith on Planet Eona has been besieged by a dark army - a catastrophic event that spells doom for this bastion of Union's great cities. Brace yourself for a nerve-wracking thrill ride as the forces of evil, the Scythes - known for wreaking havoc across countless planets - invade Meredith. You are humanity's last hope to save this city from falling to the Scythes. Join the elite Celestials and fight an unyielding war against this malevolent enemy in Storm of Darkness, the new sci-fi FPS that will put your shooting skills to the test as you stand on the frontline of this epic battle!

Experience a gripping sci-fi adventure that is teeming with surprises, twists, and an array of fascinating characters. Equip yourself with a vast assortment of top-quality weapons that have distinct capabilities to aid you in your fight against the Scythes. Don't fight alone! With the innovative companion system, you can recruit warriors to fight by your side.

Get ready to be blown away by the stunning graphics and artwork that transports you to Planet Eona. The immersive music and sound effects keep your adrenaline pumping as you fight to save the world. Storm of Darkness is not just a game, it's a completely immersive first-person shooter that guarantees a heart-pumping experience. Are you ready to face the Scythes and save Meredith from a fate worse than death?
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