Stone Age Simulator

Stone Age Simulator

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Create a thriving island civilization in Stone Age Simulator, upgrading buildings, unlocking technologies, and exploring the seas for resources and treasures.

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Escape to an island of adventure in Stone Age Simulator, the ultimate civilization evolution game! As a stranded craftsman, you must embark on an exciting journey to survive and thrive in a desolate land. Equipped with an axe and mining pick, venture into the wild to forage for resources and establish your own island kingdom from scratch.

As you progress in the game, you will unlock the ability to operate workshops where you can produce your own goods. From cooking to tailoring, learn new skills and generate income to further improve your island's infrastructure. With persistent efforts, you can transform a barren village into a thriving city.

Experience the thrill of civilization evolution as you unlock new technologies and inventions. Explore the possibilities of fire drilling, pottery burning and porcelain making to enhance your workshop's production efficiency. From the Stone Age to the Age of Civilization, immerse yourself in history and enjoy the fun of technology exploration.

Expand your reach and build a prosperous harbour to explore new continents overseas. Plan and manage overseas trade, produce and buy goods and enjoy the steady stream of income. Embark on a seafaring adventure to conquer new islands, collect artifacts and discover the strange and bizarre. Random events and surprises await, so set sail on the expedition ship and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

In Stone Age Simulator, the possibilities are endless. Build, craft, create and explore to make your island kingdom thrive and become the ultimate creator of your own unique world!
Light Core Game
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