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Stickman Warriors: Super Dragon Shadow Fight

Game overview

Stickman Warriors - Super Dragon Shadow Fight is an action-packed RPG where you can play as various stickman heroes and battle against enemies to protect the Earth.

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Stickman Warriors - Super Dragon Shadow Fight is a spectacular action role-playing game available on Google Play. Have a chance to become a superhero and defend the Earth by battling against enemies. Step into the arena and prove your survival skills. This game is a must-play and you are sure to be mesmerized by its swift handling and captivating features.

The enemies you face will keep upgrading their power, so fight harder and ensure your survival. To take on powerful bosses like Ninja Black, Big Thunder lizards, and more, it's necessary to upgrade your power to its maximum potential. Enjoy abundant upgrades for all your stickman heroes in this amazing action-packed RPG fighting game.

Here's how to play: Stick Warriors has an easy control system, where you just need to jump, dodge, power your Ki, become Ultra Instinct, and fight off invaders with your superpowers. Utilize your ultimate power and deadly ultra shooting ball skill to defeat the invaders lurking in the shadows.

Some of the main features of this game include:

- More than 100 unique stickman fighter characters, each with a different design style and special skills.
- Story mode: There are over 250 levels in story mode where you can quickly and easily collect new stickman fighter characters. The maps in Stick Warriors are continuously updated and graphics transformations of the Super Dragon warriors in each map only intensify the fights!
- Versus mode: Challenge your favorite opponent in a one-on-one battle and let the best fighter win. The winner is decided after three rounds.
- Tournament: Sixteen of the finest warriors have been chosen to fight each other in the tournament. Defeat any obstacle that comes your way and reach ultimate glory as the new champion.
- Training mode: Practice your fighting skills and try out new characters before venturing into a new journey. There is no limit on time, so you can fight with the dummy as long as you want.
- Unlock and upgrade over a hundred unique special moves for each fighter.
- Stick Warriors super heroes are incredibly easy to use with the most basic controls.
- Experience ultra instinct characters.
- The game is cool with some great transformations.
- Collect these kinds of super fighters to become the strongest stick warrior.

Don't miss out on the chance to join millions of players worldwide and start your journey in Stickman Warriors - Super Dragon Shadow Fight. Download the game now and start battling!
Release date
Mar 09, 2020



You can unlock different characters and cool stickman fighting game

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