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Game overview

Join the league of stickman heroes and use their skills to track down the Big, save Beauty, and restore color to a dying world. Tap to fight and run through creepy lands.

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In a world where colors have disappeared and all that remains is darkness, stickmen survive like mere shadows in desolate villages. Beauty, a frail girl, is said to possess the ability to breathe life back into the dying light. Yet, she is kidnapped by The Big, the mysterious leader of the creatures that roam the Darkwoods. The stickmen band together to save her and defeat their enemies using their unique skills.

As a free runner, you join the group of stickman heroes on a quest to save Beauty and bring color back to the world. You stumble upon something ominous and you set out to follow it to its source.

The game features arcade-style gameplay, combining free run and hack n slash mechanics with tap action sequences. The various stickman characters each have their own skills, letting you fight against ninjas, zombies, and other creatures. The game's unique contract graphic style is solely in black and white, reminiscent of shadow fight games.

You will run through four different lands, facing creepy creatures and powerful bosses at every turn. The game is easy to play but challenging to master, and league of stickman is constantly updating with new heroes.

To play, simply tap on the screen to jump or double-tap for a double jump. Tap on the biggest button in the bottom right corner to attack. When you land an attack in mid-air, your stickman falls as gracefully as a feather. Timing your skills can turn your stickman into a deadly runner.

Join the league of stickman heroes and fight for the light, the colors, and the safety of Beauty. Will you succeed in defeating The Big and reclaiming the world's colors, or will the stickmen be forever doomed to survive in the darkness?
Release date
Apr 21, 2017
Single player

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