Stickman jailbreak 2018

Stickman jailbreak 2018

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Stickman must escape from prison, finding 10 hidden items with the aid of weapons and tech gadgets while avoiding police and guards.

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Explore the thrilling journey of prison escape in this new adventure! In this game, you will be playing as the protagonist Stickman and your primary objective is to discover all possible ways to escape from the prison. You will be provided with 10 different items that are hidden in secret spots. However, be cautious! A few of those will lead you to victory, while others will lead you to failure. Nonetheless, exciting animations and humorous situations will keep you entertained throughout the game. Get ready to explore different scenarios in the prison and examine all items available. This is not a simple detention center, but rather a place that demands your life or liberty. Police and guards will not let you walk away easily, as you are confined to a gloomy, cold cell. Life inside the prison can be harsh, as if you were still in the 19th century, without the comforts of civilization and with numerous crazy inmates around you. Fortunately, there are weapons and technical gadgets at your disposal that can aid you in your escape. You can play with a spinner, a smartphone, drill a hole and accomplish much more behind the bars. Your mission is to break free and taste your freedom!
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