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Sci-fi visual novel with 50+ chapters, 3 endings, and a galactic journey. Play as a mechanic in NGC-13 and follow a mysterious girl.

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Explore a captivating space odyssey through 50+ thrilling chapters in this visually stunning science fiction visual novel!
**Available only in English**

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In the year 2340,

the vast expanse of space is divided into two warring systems

The inner system, which revolves around Earth, is controlled by NGC, who emerged victorious in a previous intergalactic war.

On the other hand, the outer system, consisting of colonies and deserted planets, is dominated by CRF, a faction of rebel forces along with other extraterrestrial creatures.

Amidst all the chaos, M earns a meager living by engaging in petty theft and swindling the pilots of NGC, ever since his parents died mysteriously eight years ago. But his life takes a thrilling turn when he spots a mysterious girl in the colony shipyard and decides to follow her...


> Embark on an enthralling interstellar voyage that spans over 50 chapters
> Reach one of the three endings based on your accumulated decision points
> Get access to all chapter selections from the outset
> Experience the complete game absolutely free of cost
> Enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience with no in-app purchases required

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