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Roll the dice in space-themed RPG Stellar Hunter. Upgrade your roguelike skills, assemble a squad, explore alien galaxies, and challenge epic bosses!

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Stellar Hunter transports you to the vast expanse of space, where you must fight for survival by completing various quests, battling strange creatures, and recruiting other life forms to your squad. The game incorporates a distinct blend of upgraded roguelike elements and RPG features that guarantee endless gaming possibilities. Emerge the sole survivor after a spacecraft crash and journey through different planets, surmounting all the challenges that come your way, and amassing fortune and notoriety.

The game is equipped with a variety of fascinating features, notably the random events that provide upgraded Roguelike gameplay, where your fate is decided by your strategic prowess and pure luck. The uncertainty and unpredictability of the game’s darkened map inherited from Dungeon Survivor II make the game more challenging and exciting.

At the outer edge of the universe, a secret tavern houses hunters of all kinds, where you can interact with them, choose from various alien races to recruit members of your squad, forge weapons, and select the best promotion paths from an array of five classes. These features enable you to build and lead your ideal squad.

You must select your team carefully and strategically, taking into account the right weapons, gears, and skills to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. With each adventure, you can only bring up to four members of your team. Therefore, it is pivotal that you select the best team members for each battle to win.

There are eight alien galaxies waiting to be explored, each with its own secrets and rules. The fully mysterious environment that you find yourself in upon landing on each planet adds to the mystery of space travel, making the journey more thrilling.

The boss fights are nothing short of epic, with battles against the galaxies’ most powerful bosses. Gather your squad and prepare for the challenge, defeat the bosses and earn the treasures that they hold, and gain immense achievements.

To stay engaged with fellow players and stay updated on the game, you can join the Stellar Hunter Facebook page or Discord channel, where you can interact with other players and learn new skills. Don’t let the mysteries of space defeat you, put your strategic prowess to work and emerge the sole commander in all galaxies!
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