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駅メモ!" is a location-based game where players collect memories at real train stations across Japan with unique characters, customizable vehicles, and skill-building.

◆◇◆ Get Your Favorite "Denko" by Clearing the Training! ◆◇◆ Participate in the Start Dash Campaign now! Discover the New Location-Based game "Station Memories! - Station Memo!" Enjoy fun-filled events throughout the country!! ◆◇◆ Story ◆◇◆ In the distant future, with the personalization of transportation becoming increasingly advanced, stations and railways are on the verge of disappearing!? The solution to this scenario is to collect the "memories" of the people who come to present-day stations! Deploying unique partners called "Denko," make use of the location information available and collect stations through a train journey spanning the country of Japan. Are you ready to depart? ◆◇◆ Game Overview ◆◇◆ "Station Memories! - Station Memo" is a location-based game that targets over 9,000 stations across the country. With easy-to-use controls, you can enjoy various activities such as recording your outings and collecting medals. Why not have fun on your daily commutes and outings along with your charming companions? ▼ Easy to Play and Use Controls Check-in once you reach the station!! Use location data from your smartphone to collect the "nearest" station! ▼ Covering Major Stations Across Japan Astonishingly, the game covers over 9,000 stations across Japan! Collecting all of them is an incredibly daunting task...! However, the game offers plenty of fun elements to enjoy, such as titles earned by completing a route or distance traveled and rankings for each station! ▼ Ideal for Recording your Daily Outings You can record various information such as your first visit or the total number of visits as memories! Take notes on memories pertaining to each station, reminisce, and use it as a life log app! ▼ Make your own "Formation" with Unique Partners "Denko" Create your unique "Formation" by combining your favorite Denko! Boast your collection by using favorite outfits or try to maximize the efficiency of collecting memories by creating efficient formations! ▼ Develop your Unique Partners "Denko". Cultivate adorable partners called "Denko"! As they develop, they'll learn new skills, and you can enjoy the stories of each individual Denko! ▼ Various Ways to Enjoy the Game ・As a life log app to record your outings ・As a filling app to conquer the nation ・As a game where players compete with each other to capture stations in real-time ・As a game to develop characters ▼ Recommended for People Who ・Love to travel by train ・Prefer traveling by train over buses, cars, and planes ・Enjoy visiting places featured in animes ・Like to travel to hot springs, castles, and theme parks while searching for stations ・Are fond of hiking, going around historic towns, and traveling the length of Japan via train ・Use timetable apps, location-based apps, map apps, and schedule apps to keep track of their travel ・Incorporate not only train information but also traffic information and local information when traveling ・Often use contents in the "Travel and Regional" category. ・Love trains ・Are a railway fan (Rail fans, model railway fans, train spotters, train photographers, abandoned train line enthusiasts, train sound lovers) ・Enjoy getting off at all stations on a particular line and collecting stations to create their own collection ・Prefer analog information to app navigation for train schedules and transfer information ・Make sure to conquer all the stations on stamp rallies ・Are enamored with sleeper expresses and international express trains ・Frequently participate in rail company events and projects ・Are thrilled by railway tracks, departure boards, train sound effects (announcements), and train timetable information, even at the nearest station ・Enjoy driving a train as a train driver in train simulators ・Reproduce train networks or train positions in subway systems with railway models ・Do not require passenger information guides, route maps, route search, and route search because they understand everything in their heads ・Enjoy a small adventure while utilizing station information, transfer information, maps, and GPS to travel. ・Love simple games ・Love games that are easy and can kill some time ・Use paid apps/free apps for simple games such as board games, puzzles, crosswords, miniature garden simulations and online games with basic elements such as quests, gacha, and collaborations ・Have apps such as news, phone directories, coupons, memo pads, notebooks, pedometers, business card management, and comic apps as their main apps and do not play games very often. ・Love cute girls or pretty female characters ・Love beauty apps and games featuring cute maids, princesses, moe (adorable) girls, idols, and schoolgirl characters more than gal games ・Love romance games where they can create girlfriends, wives, and brides. 【Contact Us for Help】
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