Game overview

Starsky: futuristic sci-fi game. Explore unknown worlds, survive hostile planets, buy weapons and ships, upgrade armor, and complete exciting missions across the galaxy.

Step into a futuristic sci-fi universe filled with wonder and intrigue in Starsky – a thrilling game that promises an unforgettable gaming experience. You can discover new worlds, purchase weapons, ships and armor to survive hostile environments, and take part in exhilarating missions. Prepare yourself for an epic interstellar journey! Explore Fantastic New Worlds: Lose yourself in a massive and varied universe teeming with undiscovered planets with breathtaking landscapes and extraordinary creatures to discover. Every world is a unique playground for players. Survive Extreme Conditions: Experience the challenge of staying alive in a treacherous universe. Harsh weather conditions and perilous, unfriendly extraterrestrial creatures pose a constant danger. Players must use their wits and skills to overcome obstacles and survive these dangerous environments. Arm Yourself with High-Tech Weapons: Equipped with advanced weaponry, defeat foes in combat as you gain the upper hand. Cut down enemies with powerful sniper laser rifles and plasma cannons that fit your preferred tactics and fighting style. Pilot Fast & Durable Ships: Fly across the stars in your swift, agile ship as you explore the galaxy's extensive reaches. Heavy cruisers and nimble fighters are available for players to pick the most suitable spacecraft for their missions and playstyle. Upgrade Your Armor: Stay alive and defend yourself against the universe's dangers with top-tier armor. Players can continually upgrade their armor's technology and protect themselves against incoming attacks. Complete Thrilling Missions: Players embark on an unforgettable storyline that sends them on epic quests throughout space. From rescuing abducted colonists to safeguarding alien artifacts, every mission offers a distinct challenge and substantial rewards. Starsky combines these exciting mechanics into an immersive experience full of exploration and action. Are you ready for an unforgettable journey to the edges of the cosmos? Reach out to and join the adventure!
Release date
Oct 11, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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Starsky & Hutch Video Game Cutscenes (Full Game Movie)UPlayNetwork


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