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Starbase Orion

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Starbase Orion: old-school 4X space strategy game with strong single-player experience, multiplayer games, custom races, iCloud support, and free updates.

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Are you ready to conquer the galaxy and reign supreme as the ruler? Starbase Orion, an old-fashioned 4X space strategy game, brings forth an epic journey through space, where you can colonize new worlds, explore the unknown horizons, and battle your opponents. Inspired by classic titles Master of Orion and Galactic Civilizations, this game invites you into the race to the stars, where only the empire with exceptional strategy and tactics can triumph over others.

Featuring a handcrafted tutorial, beginners to 4X strategy games can easily comprehend the game and enjoy the quality voice-over by Maurice Thomas. Starbase Orion has maintained almost five years of development through twenty-four exciting updates, and the new features and immersive experiences continue to entice and intrigue players.

Face the relentless and highly technical AI, where it ranked in the top 15% in the 2010 Google AI competition, or enjoy the multiplayer experience through GameCenter with a free-to-begin match on your terms. Choose a race from five unique options like Human, Draske, Vass, Cyban, and Isather, or customize your race with unique and compelling characteristics.

Craft your spaceships using multiple weapons, hull, and systems, and unleash them upon your opponents for intense space combat. Choose diplomacy, espionage, or even contract an expert mercenary to topple your foes. With iCloud support and universal compatibility, playing Starbase Orion on other devices has never been more comfortable.

Though priced at $7.99 USD consistently instead of occasional promotions, we guarantee our players for guaranteed free updates, and our team has created an immersive experience with no hidden fees to make this journey worth your time and money.
Chimera Software, LLC
Release date
Oct 12, 2011

Gameplay & Streams

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