Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars: Hunters


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Become a gladiator from across the Star Wars galaxy in The Arena, and compete in intense 4v4 third-person combat, customizing your Hunter for glory.

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Step into the Arena where the post-Galactic Civil War environment is bustling with new heroes and larger-than-life stories. Located on the planet Vespaara deep in the Outer Rim, this gladiatorial spectacle is broadcast across the galaxy in stunning detail via the HoloNet. The Hunters that make up the Arena hail from all corners of the Star Wars galaxy, each with unique abilities and combat skills that will leave opponents in awe.

Enter the fray and pick from a plethora of exciting characters ranging from the dastardly bounty hunters to the brave defenders of the Rebellion. Master advanced skills and strategies which will come in handy in vivid third-person 4v4 combat in your journey to fame. Customize and enhance your Hunter with distinctive animations, costumes and weapons to make an unforgettable and eye-catching impression on the well-informed crowds of The Arena.

Prepare to put on a show by competing in an eclectic range of PVP game modes. The Escort game mode showcases the importance of coordination as you defend your team's payload from the merciless horde of enemies. Control mode is a showdown between two teams as they strive to assert their dominance by taking control of the central objective area before time runs out. All this takes place in meticulously designed locations like Hoth, Tatooine and Endor that take inspiration from the Star Wars universe.

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