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Spotlight X: Room Escape

Game overview

Spotlight X: Room Escape challenges players to solve riddles, discover hidden items and escape locked rooms with gorgeous 3D graphics and intuitive touch controls.

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Are you a fan of brain-teasing puzzles? Do you wish to embark on an adventure escape game, unique from any other? Spotlight X: Room Escape presents a thrilling challenge for your mind with its innovative and engaging escape game. This mysterious escape game is packed with tricky puzzles and enigmatic brain teasers which will lead you to find clues and retrieve your exit from the locked room. As you embark on this journey, you will elevate your logical thinking and curiosity to unimaginable heights.

Spotlight X: Room Escape has a new twist to Spotlight Parallel Escape Story with an engaging storyline that will lead to you thinking efficiently. Our hero awakens in unfamiliar surroundings, with no memory of who he is, but he knows he must flee to survive. In this intriguing escape room game, you must help the hero locate items, unlock various locks, and generate profitable answers as he races against the clock to escape the room. The game brims with unforeseen challenges, twists and turns to make your escape more delightfully adventurous.

Spotlight X: Room Escape is one of the best room escape games on the market with the following incredible features:
✓ Stunning 3D graphics with captivating sound effects
✓ User-friendly touch mode gaming controls
✓ Multiple challenging locations and levels
✓ Thrilling game scenes, locations, and hidden clues
✓ Discover rare and unique hidden items
✓ Solve intriguing riddles and puzzles
✓ Several exciting ways to solve mystery puzzles and create an escape plan.

The game offers an immersive experience that guarantees the most addictive gameplay as you explore a vast location in search of an escape. If you are a horror game fan, Spotlight X: Room Escape is a perfect choice of game to satisfy your gaming experience. While playing the game, your logical reasoning improves and you will exercise your mind to excel in solving the challenges and puzzles. Create an escape plan, outsmart the game, and unlock new crime scenes for more perplexing puzzles.
Only the most brilliant can survive!
The question now is- are you up to the challenge?

Got any feedback? Feel free to send us an email. If you love the game, we kindly ask you to rate us on the play store and share it with your friends. Spotlight X: Room Escape is an excellent escape game that provides a thrilling adventure from start to finish. Are you ready for the challenge?
Javelin Ltd.
Release date
Dec 25, 2019
Single player