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Spotlight: Room Escape is a thrilling game with 3D graphics and sound effects, challenging levels, and hidden clues. Investigate, analyze, and solve puzzles to escape!

Step into an exciting journey of drama and adventure in "Spotlight: Room Escape". This thrilling app takes you through a theatrical scene where you find yourself kidnapped and held captive in a strange room with no memory of how you got there. Your only purpose is to escape before time runs out by investigating and answering questions such as who kidnapped you and why. Experience the stunning graphics and spooky sound effects that beautifully capture the mysterious atmosphere of the game. Each object in the room is strategically placed with a clear purpose, and every scene contains meaning that you must unravel. Test your detective skills by collecting clues and devising your escape plan. Whether you are young or old, the game offers an intuitive interface for all players. Discover hidden objects such as ropes and torches to aid in your escape. With multiple levels displaying unique escape plans, it's up to you to explore the location, combine the clues, and find the way out. Investigate every scene and object to uncover the hidden codes and puzzles and open the locks. Train your mind to look for the clues surrounding you. Every riddle solved, and word discovered puts you one step closer to freedom. The game requires you to be patient while analyzing the scenes logically and solving them swiftly. "Spotlight: Room Escape" is the perfect game for those who love adventure and have a penchant for analyzing items. With its fascinating riddles and puzzles, the game improves your logical thinking and helps you exercise your mind muscles. Successful completion of every level unlocks a new crime scene in a different room with more thrilling puzzles. Features: • Impeccable 3D graphics with spooky sound effects • Intuitive touch mode gaming controls • Challenging levels • Thrilling scenes and clues • Engaging riddles and puzzles • Fascinating ways of investigation to escape Join us on an addictive journey of detective work with "Spotlight: Room Escape" and let your adventure begin. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to email us. Don't forget to rate us on the play store if you find the game impressive. Share it with your friends and family and challenge them to break free from the spotlight!
Javelin Ltd.
Release date
Oct 21, 2015
Single player


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