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Game overview

Splash Cars: bring color to a grey world, outrun the authorities, use power-ups, and convert NPC drivers to join your cause. Casual and fun!

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Get ready to add some vibrant colors to the dull and gray world by driving your way through the streets, leaving behind a trail of brilliant paint. Splash Cars is an exhilarating 3D driving game that urges you to race for the freedom of expression. This game is full of adventure as you dodge the authorities and inspire other public servants to join your movement.

The gameplay begins from a lifeless isometric neighborhood, but once you rev up your engine and start rolling, your car sprays the paint, restoring life and color to the dull surroundings. You will be racing around the map, painting the streets, grasses, trees, and buildings. Play alone or team up for a cooperative multiplayer mode, all while using custom paint jobs and choosing from a variety of original cars.

To stand out from the rest, use power-ups to sabotage your pursuers or super-size your car. The game offers casual freestyle fun for players of all ages, delivering an unmatched gaming experience.

Please note that this game and its content are not licensed by any car manufacturers or motor racing competitions, and there is no association thereof.


-Drive across isometric maps, splashing color everywhere you go.

-Choose from a range of cars and paint jobs.

-Use unique power-ups for evading cops, such as shrinking or super-sizing your ride.

-Explore new and expanding neighborhoods to take on new challenges.

-Recruit NPC drivers to join your cause and support you in your adventure.
Paper Bunker
Release date
Mar 08, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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