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Roll as the Cosmos Apostle controlling the ball-shaped knight with your finger. Defeat enemies, upgrade weapons, and save Lebralia in 33 stages and boss fights.

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As the battle rages on, the protagonist's body morphs into a ball, prompting you to take charge of SphereKnight by flicking your finger for a thrilling, action-packed rolling adventure. Beware, though, as this is an auto-saving game, and any interruption can corrupt your progress.

The game plot revolves around a single character, Cosmos Apostle, who possesses impressive abilities and must stop the chaotic invasion threatening the kingdom of Lebralia. There lies a forbidden land whose visitors face a cursed mask, but SphereKnight is convinced of completing his mission as he sets foot in the desolated kingdom.

Explore the unique and exciting gameplay in which you control the ball-style protagonist by swiping on the screen while comfortably seating at your favorite spot. Cross through various stages and defeat numerous enemies with SphereKnight's dash attacks. The aura created by these combos is crucial to your mastery of the game and will enhance your gameplay experience.

Forge new armors and swords, and upgrade the items you collect during your adventure at the magic shop. With each new magical sword comes an essential aura type that SphereKnight can activate with dash attacks, significantly highlighting the critical role the swords play in your gameplay strategy.

The game is not short of extensive 33 stages and eight wicked boss battles, making it an excellent and captivating package. An endless stage run feature is also part of the game thrill. As you progress through the game, a cursed mask follows SphereKnight, unleashing stronger enemies based on the character's actions for an even more challenging gameplay experience.

Overall, SphereKnight is an adventure-packed game that's both satisfying and fulfilling for players seeking something uniquely fresh and exciting.
hiroaki saito
Release date
Sep 07, 2018
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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