Speed Rush Runners

Speed Rush Runners

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Game overview

Short, action-packed stages with automatic running and intuitive controls. Boss battles, events, and character development make for a satisfying experience for action, RPG, and strategy fans.

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How to Play:

Enjoy a short-term five-minute play stage! Organize a party of three characters and deploy. Running and attacking are automatic. Jump with a tap and move vertically through three lines and horizontally through four lanes with flicks. Dodge gimmicks and enemy attacks along the way to defeat the powerful boss and get rewards!

Intuitive play and sense of evasion are key to stage conquest! Avoid various obstacles, such as pitfalls, collapsing platforms, rolling balls, damage floors, and falling columns, that block your path. Familiar enemies such as Miners, Hoey-hoeys, and Puyorins appear as obstructing characters.

Boss Battle Strategies:

Cooperate with your party in a focused attack to defeat the boss! Confirm the boss's weak attribute and organize your party. Destroy the boss's shield with your favorite role (weapon attribute). The boss is defenseless during the rush, and it's a BIG chance! Activate skills to deal massive damage!

Event Quests:

- Boss Battle Fight: A strong boss appears! Defeat them to get rewards!
- Material Quests: Earn development items such as gold and other various material items!
- Challenge Quests: Clear missions to earn items!
- Treasure Hunting: Collect stars that can be exchanged for various items!

Development System:

Like an RPG, character development and replayability are abundant! Use dedicated items to develop your characters. Take your time to reinforce your favorite characters!

- Reinforcement: Increase character LV, parameters, unlock skill slots, and level up skills.
- Awakening: Break through the character parameter limit.
- Evolution: Exceed the character LV limit.

Party Formation Introduction:

Select three characters and form a party! Enjoy various variations, such as forming your favorite character or organizing attributes and weapon types for stage and boss conquest.

Recommended for You:

- Love action games!
- Love long games!
- Love RPGs!
- Love strategy and development games!
- Love challenging games!
- Enjoy playing games casually and for a short period!
- Looking for games you can play with friends!
- Love cooperative play and fighting games!

For more information, check out the official website and Twitter account!
Release date
Jan 23, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

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