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Space to Grow

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Game overview

Parent a daughter and lead a space colony in "Our Personal Space" while negotiating between factions with choices affecting four potential endings.

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Our Personal Space presents a new challenge for Jack and Kelly, the married couple who reside in a space colony. They are about to embark on a new journey, parenting. As a player, you can choose to adopt an authoritarian tiger dad approach or be a laid-back buddy dad, or anything in between, while managing your farm and family in an efficient manner.

Take the lead and steer your community through a series of challenges. You will be dealing with several factions, including the wealthy megacorporation R.E.T and its miners, fellow colonists, and a group of independent farmers who decide to leave the safety of the colony and live on their own. The decisions you make as a parent will impact your child's independence, competence, and attachment, eventually leading to one of four endings.

This game lets you take on the role of a parent, and you must guide your daughter from infancy to adulthood. The parenting options are based on modern research into child psychology and parenting techniques. Multiple factions mean that negotiations become more complex, as you need to make choices that will benefit your family and community as a whole. The interactive dialogue system allows you to decide Jack's approach towards his family, farm, and the colony itself.

The game offers over 150,000 words with branching options that lead to one of four endings. Your choices during gameplay will have lasting effects, making each playthrough a unique experience. You can customize your farm, balancing crops for nutrition, calories, and value, making sure it meets the needs of your family and the community.
Metasepia Games
Release date
Nov 16, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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