Space Surf: Shark Attack

Space Surf: Shark Attack

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Game overview

Surf the waves and space, jump on UFOs, collect planets and stars, avoid comets, and outrun Brutus, the great white shark. A fast-paced, endless runner surfing game.

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Become Tyrone Stallion, the legendary surfer known for conquering the most daunting waves. However, you're in the middle of a grave issue. Brutus, a ten-foot great white shark, is actively looking to snack on you. The only way to evade him is by surfing on waves, whales, dolphins, birds, airplanes and even UFO's!

Embark on an adventure through multiple islands and explore a plethora of interactive elements in this epic, action-packed, surfing endless runner game! To get an idea about the gameplay and how to surf through, you can watch tutorial and gameplay videos on our website,

Space Surf is an original and fun-filled side-scrolling slide and fly game that is intense and fast-paced. Tap to surf the downslope of the wave, release at the bottom and let go to make Tyrone jump. Build momentum and launch him into space, where he will surf on a UFO. But be careful, slow down, and Brutus, the shark, will catch you.

Maximize your multiplier by performing risky stunts like backflips and collecting stars and planets along the way.

Catch a ride on the waves and launch yourself into space. Surf past innumerable islands and enjoy the stunning visuals that offer a thrilling experience.

Also, ride on a UFO, collect planets and stars, avoid the comets, and collect dilithium crystals in the UFO to add fuel and extend your run.

Make use of airplanes to bounce off and stay in space! Furthermore, the game boasts an incredible funktronic music track, courtesy of "TheMasses."

Collect the rare orange fish, and Brutus will be more interested in it than you! This feature makes Space Surf stand apart from other similar games.

Try Space Surf, which is a unique, fast-paced surfing game available for free playback offline. Download and experience the adrenaline rush by surfing for yourself!
FreshPress Games Inc.
Release date
Apr 24, 2015

Gameplay & Streams

Space Surf : Shark Attack - Gameplay and Tutorial Video - Version 1FreshPressGames
Space Surf : Shark Attack - 30 second Game Preview VideoFreshPressGames
Space Surf : Shark Attack - Gameplay Trailer and Tutorial (Version 2.0)FreshPressGames
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