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Embark on a classic sci-fi text adventure and save the Coalition by navigating space battles, puzzles, and upgrades in SPACE RANGERS: QUEST.

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SPACE RANGERS: QUEST is the first mobile game in the Space Rangers franchise that gives you an ultimate nostalgic feeling. In this new text adventure, save the Coalition from newly arisen threats. As a space ranger, you have to ride a spaceship and embark on a mission to research the root of the problem and defend organic life. However, don't expect to live a peaceful life, as the life of a ranger is full of dangers. You will have to earn credits by accepting tough and sometimes illegal assignments.

This game offers you a whole galaxy of opportunities to explore and discover. Get space maps by completing different tasks, and unlock the galaxy's secrets filled with intelligent races. In this game, you will encounter pirate battles, holograms, and even controlled robots fights. Always be alert as you never know what's waiting for you.

The game features classic text quests with a combination of easy writing and a sense of humor that makes it entertaining. As a space ranger, you will have to be smart and intuitive to solve challenging puzzles to defeat your opponents. These puzzles are generated randomly and are always unique.

Space Battles are inevitable, and you have to be equipped with guns to defend your spaceship from numerous pirate attacks. This way, you can earn credits to refill your fuel and fix any damage to your spaceship. Completing tasks offers you an opportunity to upgrade your ship and abilities. Every system has a new turn of events and brings new acquaintances.

The game has hidden twists and turns that make it more surprising than what was broadcasted in the galaxy news. As a keen ranger, you will reveal these hidden mysteries while playing.

In conclusion, SPACE RANGERS: QUEST is more than just a game. It's an adventure that takes you on an exciting journey to protect the galaxy. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will keep you immersed and engaged for hours.
Release date
Aug 31, 2016
Single player



Legendary series, but this game is the worst I’ve played

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