GamesSpace Rangers: Legacy

Game overview

Become a Space Ranger, destroy Dominators, save the universe! Unique gameplay, alliances, and tactical battles on mobile devices.

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Embark on an incredible adventure in the world of the stunning galactic saga with Space Rangers, the renowned stellar RPG now available on smartphones and tablets! Help the Coalition resist the stubborn cybernetic Dominators, who are determined to conquer every star system and dominate the entire galaxy. Destroy their key nerve centers and form alliances with intelligent races to complete versatile missions, defeat interstellar bandits, and emerge victorious!

Unlike other games, the universe continues to exist and advance on its own as you play. Powers shift within star systems, and quest objectives may change or vanish completely. The sandbox-style gameplay guarantees that no two walkthroughs are identical.

Venture deep into the galaxy and discover all its secrets, meeting new races, conducting intricate planetary research, fighting with space pirates, and tackling various challenges on your way to triumph.

Your reputation in the game is shaped by your decisions, whether you choose to trade, steal, plunder, or safeguard.

In tactical battles with active pause, direct your starship and armament, gather a team of trustworthy comrades, and demonstrate to the Dominators who the greatest ranger in the galaxy is! Explore every option for completing the game, immerse yourself in the game world, and save the universe by destroying the Dominators and restoring balance and order!
Release date
Apr 11, 2018
Single player



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