Sound of the Sea

Sound of the Sea

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Game overview

Collect seashells and the sounds of the sea, while unraveling the mystery of the world with stunning ocean views.

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Embark on a seashell-collecting adventure in a world of nothing but the sea and sand, where the sound of the waves is a feast for the senses. Wake up as a girl in this world and gather the beautiful soundscapes of the ocean with your seashells. The world around you evolves from natural backgrounds like driftwood and jetties to the addition of people like fishing enthusiasts and girls. What lies at the end of your journey to collect the soundscapes of the ocean - a mysterious ending? This game is perfect for those who adore the sound of the ocean and the seashore, who are keen to hunt for shells and experience the thrill of discovery and exploration while cherishing the memories of nostalgic feeling and love to solve riddles.

You can control the game using the virtual joystick that appears on the screen when it's tapped, allowing you to move around (left) and change your viewpoint (right). In the "Config" and "How to Play" sections located on the top right corner of the screen, you can find hints to help you progress through the game. You also have access to the volume controls, which let you balance the sounds of the waves and the ocean soundscapes as per your preference. Additionally, you can easily capture screenshots of your gameplay as the game comes equipped with a camera function. The game also comes with an auto-save feature, that allows you to take breaks and pick up the game whenever you want, without having to worry about losing any progress. Best of all, you can play the game through to the end without spending any money!

To play the game, collect all 30 items that can be found along the shoreline and beach, and enjoy looking at them in the "Shell Catalogue." You can also exchange the ocean soundscapes you collect in the "Ocean Sound Exchange" section for points, which you can then exchange for other ocean soundscapes. Listen carefully for these sounds of the ocean! Some of them are quite subtle. The items you collect and the soundscapes you capture hold hints to unlocking the mysteries of the ending to this world of only sea and sand.

This game is created by yukilabo, features voice acting by Kumi Komi and Beew, and is made with the cooperation of Tsunehiko Shimazu and Studio Shimazu. The game's music includes tracks by Killy, Audiostock, MN Field Record, and otologic. The game is available on Android OS 4.4 and later, and is recommended for devices that have at least 4GB of RAM. Note that internet connectivity is required to play the game, and data transmission charges may apply.
Release date
Apr 05, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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