Soul Warrior Battle

Soul Warrior Battle

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Game overview

Buy a mysterious bracelet that brings it to life. Survive in a supernatural game with warrior Rietta, strategist Maya, and fighter Kasane.

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Another day of evading bullies and enduring classes, and you find yourself approached by a mysterious fortune-teller offering you a bracelet that he claims will change your life forever. You reluctantly purchase the trinket and rush home, only to be met by a gang of attackers. In an unexpected turn of events, the bracelet comes to life, forcing you into a life-and-death game with a supernatural warrior by your side.


Introducing Rietta - “We must exert ourselves even more!”

Rietta is an enigmatic character who appears out of nowhere when you require her assistance. She is a seasoned fighter, but you have a lot to discover about her origins and abilities before you can form an authentic bond with her. Her tragic past and emotional distance make it difficult for her to establish lasting relationships. Will she ever find solace with both of your lives in danger?

Next up, Maya - “You want to become friends with someone like me?”

Maya is a timid and introverted girl who is an unexpected contender in the game. Due to a misinterpretation, she is dragged into the competition, and it appears unlikely that she will survive on her own in this merciless universe. But beneath her pretty exterior lies the intellect of a strategist. With a fearsome ally and the heart of a champion, Maya is as formidable as the other players.

Lastly, Kasane - “Fighting is my purpose.”

Kasane is an expert in combat and has defeated several adversaries. She prefers to remain in the shadows, making her difficult to identify and even more difficult to apprehend. Kasane is focused on one objective - winning. However, when faced with a fight that appears to be unwinnable, will you opt to assist her or ignore her plight?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Release date
Oct 05, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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Soul Warrior Battle: Sexy Super Power Anime Game Maya EndingYokoso Araya
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