Soul of Yokai

Soul of Yokai

Genius Inc
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Game overview

Mend a broken heart, enter the Yokai World, and woo three attractive Yokai suitors while uncovering a looming darkness in Soul of Yokai.

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In Soul of Yokai, you play as a young businesswoman who, after experiencing a heartbreak, travels to Kyoto in hopes of finding new love. Unexpectedly, you encounter a Yokai (Japanese demon) who invites you to the Yokai world. Here, you are introduced to three handsome young men, each from a different Yokai race: Hayato, a half Oni, Yukio, a Yukiotoko, and Karasu, a Tengu. To your surprise, all three want to marry you, but the Yokai world is not without its problems. You notice a growing animosity towards human beings, and a darkness looms over the Yokai townspeople. Can you help unite the Yokai and humans, and win the love of one of these demons?


Hayato, the Cocky Hanyo (Half-Oni)
Hayato is half Oni and half human and struggles with his loyalty to both. He is determined to become the next ruler of the Yokai world, but knows that he cannot do it alone. He needs a powerful queen by his side and sees you as the perfect candidate. Although he can come off as rude and arrogant, his ultimate goal is to prove himself and make a real difference. Can you handle his fiery personality and help him achieve his dreams?

Yukio, the Flirtatious Yukiotoko
Yukio is known as the most beautiful man in the Yokai world and the only male of his race. Despite his popularity among the ladies, he struggles to understand the concept of love. His heart has only ever belonged to one woman, you. Can you resist his devilish charms and help him overcome his love-related issues?

Karasu, the Withdrawn Tengu
Karasu is a Tengu who, after witnessing his older brother's heinous crimes, has become cold and distant. He is conflicted about his feelings for you and can't decide whether to push you away or protect you at all costs. Can you help him come to terms with his past trauma and teach him to smile again?
Genius Inc
Release date
Aug 23, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Soul of Yokai part 1 (ALL PREMIUM CHOICES)Sheepie
Soul of Yokai: Otome Romance Game v3.0.26 Apk Mod (Premium free)Leo Modz
Soul of Yokai 15 эпизод. Финал с Хаято. "Не принцесса, а королева."Stasya98
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