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Knight's Life" is a simple yet engaging top-down online RPG with PvP battles, 3 classes, varied character abilities, and beautiful hand-drawn graphics.

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Knight's Life is a captivating top-down action game that boasts an exciting PvP mode, RPG elements, and attractive hand-drawn graphics. Set out on a mysterious journey with one of three exclusive classes, including the powerful warrior, mage or rogue, and battle in a thrilling combat arena. As you improve your hero, join the battle with other knights in real-time multiplayer mode, and strive to become the leader of the arena!

Our unique selling point is our straightforward mechanics that won't require extensive learning, instead getting you right into the action after installation. The goal is simple: to safeguard the crystal against your adversaries. Through each successful counter-attack, your reward increases, allowing you to upgrade your character attributes. Although weapon updates are not yet available, we assure you that they'll be released in the next update!

Aside from single-player offline battles, players can choose to fight in multiplayer mode and enter the arena. With ten adversaries competing in the online arena, the strongest knight inevitably triumphs!

Knight's Life allows you to enter two distinct play areas, including the dungeons and the arena. In dungeons, you can form a team of friends to search for rare objects that you can either use for yourself or sell for a good price at the market. However, the foes guarding these items are very dangerous, so make sure to fight and win the tournament! In the arena, you can enter solo or with a team, fight other heroes during PvP battles, then use your points to purchase rare artifacts from available merchants.

The game boasts numerous benefits, such as an online arena without convoluted mechanics, reducing confusion for beginner players. You don't need to devote time to sifting through boring rules and menus. Instead, choose your hero class and fight! Knight's Life offers classic hero types like warriors, mages, and thieves. It also features RPG-like hero attributes such as strength for life, dexterity for protection and attack speed, and intelligence for mana and magic damage.

Combat mechanics in Knight's Life are remarkably simplistic, with players rushing towards opponents to engage in combat. Unlike several modern games, we incorporate hitboxes in the game, which highlight where your sword clashes with the enemy knights. The game also offers a variety of heroic abilities and a thrilling survival arena where every knight is on their own. You can always come back to the online arena whenever you die!

Knight's Life comes with fantastic 3D graphics in a unique cartoon-inspired style reminiscent of old MMORPGs. The game also features a PvP mode for battling with friends, a joint mission to pass the dungeons, weapons purchase and upgrade, team communication via in-game chat, continuous hero upgrades, and mission and accomplishment systems. The game employs in-built purchases, but you can play it offline without any investment required.

Launched in November 2019, Knight's Life has gained popularity among classic RPG fans as evidenced by numerous positive reviews. Get into the arena and unleash the prowess of a seasoned knight!
Release date
Nov 06, 2019
Single player

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Soul Catcher rpg. Most powerful build in early game!! Easy gold farm.Nenad Petrović
Soul Catcher rpg. Most powerful build in early game!! Runes..Nenad Petrović
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