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Embark on a journey of self-acceptance, friendship, and love with a mysterious siren, a shrine maiden, and a lively girl next door in Haruka - The Siren of the Sea.

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After going through the trauma of your parent's divorce, you end up feeling alone and lost. Your grandmother takes you in and you begin living in a small town by the ocean. Despite the picturesque location, you still feel aimless. One night, while taking a stroll, your attention is drawn to the melodious singing of a siren on the beach.

This encounter with Haruka, the enchanting siren of the sea, gives your life a new purpose. This chance meeting sets the foundation of your journey towards self-discovery, friendship, and love.

Haruka is an enigmatic siren who appears to you like a dream. Her beautiful voice, serene spirit, and beguiling atmosphere become your inspiration. The question is, will you ever be able to meet her again and will your relationship blossom into something more?

Nobara, the diligent maiden of the shrine, is exceptionally empathetic, making it easy for her to understand others' feelings. Yet, she always ends up alone. Will you be the one who she finally opens up to, or is she meant to live a solitary life?

Then there is Aoi, your lively, willful new neighbor, who became the first person to pull you out of your misery. She is the ray of sunshine in your life, but even the most optimistic person can face moments of despair. When Aoi reaches her breaking point, will you be able to save her or will she have to fight alone?

Find out what path destiny has in store for you in this intriguing journey of self-discovery, friendship, and love.
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