Song by the Sea

Song by the Sea

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Visual Novel

Game overview


Abandoned, alone and without purpose, you’ve never felt so isolated after your parent’s divorce. Taken in by your grandmother, your days drift by aimlessly in a picturesque town by the ocean.

During a midnight stroll you’re drawn to the sea by a mysterious song, the melodic singing of a siren on the beach…

With this fateful encounter your journey of self-acceptance, friendship and love begins.

Haruka - The Siren of the Sea

The enigmatic siren who appears as if from a dream. With a beautiful voice, solemn spirit and mysterious atmosphere, she becomes your muse.

After your fateful encounter, will you meet her again? Will friendship flourish between you two? Or perhaps something more will blossom…

Nobara - The Shrine Maiden

A diligent and hardworking girl who always ends up alone. Beyond empathetic, she’s invariably shunned by those around her because of her unique ability to understand exactly what everyone is feeling.

Are you the one she can finally open up to, or is she destined to be alone forever?

Aoi - The Girl Next Door

Lively and willful, Aoi is the first ray of sunshine you meet after your move. When things are at their darkest point, she helps pull you into the light—but even the most optimistic people have moments of doubt.

When things turn bleak, will you be the one to save her or must she fight on by herself?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Visual Novel
Single player