GamesSolo King: Single Player - Texas Hold'em Poker

Game overview

Texas Hold'em simulator with card input, equity calculators, AI opponents, and a standard play advisor for beginners.

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Are you looking to improve your poker skills or seeking an edge over the competition? Look no further than our advanced poker tool. With a multitude of features designed for both novice and professional players alike, you'll soon be dominating the table in no time.

Our intuitive interface allows you to set up the community and hole cards with the click of a button and adjust player ranges to fine-tune your strategy. With it, you'll be able to use an equity calculator, draw equity calculator, and EV calculator, all updated in real-time as you play. This is especially useful for online players, as it simplifies the often-time-consuming process of calculations, allowing for quicker, more precise decisions.

The advisor feature analyzes various factors such as your hole cards, your opponent's range or hole cards, your current chip depth, and even your table position to provide you with a standard play that minimizes losses. It also implements a standardized pre-flop strategy and post-flop strategy recommended by professionals.

In battle mode, you can test and practice your strategy against AI players developed from the ranges of 24 professional players, allowing you to train for targeted range confrontation.

The program displays complete data in real-time, including equity data for each street, current street pure equity, and the number of draws available to players on each street. Turn on observer mode to gain access to this information when playing against AI.

With the graphical equity calculator, you can effortlessly determine the equity of each hand, taking the guesswork out of calculating your odds and allowing you to make more informed decisions.

So what are you waiting for? Level up your poker game and gain an edge over the competition with our advanced poker tool.
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