Solar Smash 2D

Solar Smash 2D

Paradyme Games
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Game overview

Create chaos in space with Solar Smash 2D, featuring planet destruction, unique physics, spaceships, and custom planet design.

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Solar Smash 2D is a magnificent extension of the popular Solar Smash game developed by the same creators. This version offers players the opportunity to explore advanced techniques and fresh destruction mechanisms. The game allows players to shatter planets into fragments, each piece swaying and moving along with realistic physics. You can either pilot or spawn spaceships, initiate massive interstellar battles or even sketch a customized planet in any form you prefer. The freedom to create and devastate in Solar Smash 2D is limitless, with an array of options that are sure to keep the players engaged. The game's graphics and sounds are mesmerizing, immersing the player in the space atmosphere and enhancing the overall experience of the game. Planets, spaceships, and other celestial entities imbue a sense of awe, and with the ability to manipulate and destroy them, it becomes an empowering and thrilling experience. The Solar Smash 2D appeals to gamers who enjoy creativity, strategy, and destruction, making it a perfect game to play casually or for longer durations. So, brace yourself for an intense and mind-boggling adventure as you step into the cosmic world of Solar Smash 2D.
Paradyme Games
Release date
May 19, 2022


akipakifrom Skich app
I like it just i like the normal solar smash more...

Gameplay & Streams

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