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Solar Revival

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Revive the dying land of Solara and be the hero it needs in Solar Revival. Choose from 6 factions and 70+ heroes in this epic RPG.

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The Solar Continent, created by the growth of the World Tree, was once a prosperous land where humans and elementals coexisted and developed. However, one day, the power of the World Tree began to diminish, causing the Solar Continent to gradually lose its light. The only person who can brighten the darkness that has descended upon the Solar Continent is you, a hero!

※Various characters with a pleasing visual
With 6 factions and over 70 heroes, each with their own storyline, the story of the Solar Continent unfolds! Create your own story in this new adventurous world!

※Idle gameplay with a satisfying reward system
Even if you only idle, you will receive loads of reward items all day long! You can also earn rewards through various combat systems.

※Diverse content with a fun challenge
Various PVP systems: You can enjoy the combinations of heroes that are pre-set to max level in the 1v1, 3v3 Colosseum, and Throne Conquest!
A fun PVE system: In Solar Revival, you can experience various gameplay styles such as Chess, Tower Attack, Rougelike, and Puzzle solving, more diverse than any other game!

※Strategy-based gameplay that challenges your mind
Add new strategic elements to combat with a strategic deck combination, unique inscriptions with various attributes, and five divine weapons with different skills and faction buffs. Set up your optimal strategy and faction before starting idle play!

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